Less Mess. More Freedom.
Web Based Appointment Management

Why install anything, when all you need is a web browser?
By making all the power features available through a simple web browser window, Just-Appointments Online gives you access to the software from anywhere at anytime. No more installing or updating software. No more driving back to the salon in the middle of the night to download that report you forgot. No more worrying that a computer crash is going to lose all your data.

State-of-the-art Spa/Salon access.
Your employees can use their iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or any other handheld device for work. Any mobile device will do, as long as it has a built-in web browser and Internet access. Of course, they can still use a computer if they so desire.

100% control of your business in your pocket.
Your business data is securely kept in an online ³ cloud², and is only accessible by you and your authorized personnel. This enables you to take control of your business with you, wherever you go, in your favorite mobile device.

The cloud. A safe haven for your data.
Physically, your data is stored in a state-of-the-art data center, encrypted, backed up daily, protected from unauthorized access and any possible disasters. It’s safe.

The cloud. A high-performance computing center.
No software to install and run on your computer(s). No need for a server. No need to upgrade. All calculations are done at blistering speeds inside the “cloud”.

Redefining “instant” support
Our engineers, with your permission, can view your screen and look at what’s wrong. We want to solve your questions not waste your time. We use caller ID to avoid asking you questions each time you call to speed the process even more!

Minimal learning required.
Your employees will be up-and-running in no time. And if they have questions,
we’re here to help.

Free support for life
Our free support doesn’t end with your free trial. It continues for life. It’s truly instant, truly helpful, and always free. We don’t just focus on making software. We focus on making our software work for you.

Customize your entire business management at the click of a mouse.

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