Send Email to Your Clients and Grow Your Business

Core features:Email Marketing

  • Send email straight from the software
  • Advanced delivery options to a single customer, to a group of customers or to all customers
  • Automatic appointment confirmations / Text Messages
  • Integrates with your client database
  • Anti-spam compliant
  • Scheduled email delivery for birthdays, thank you’s, reminders and more.

Why this is good for your business:

  • Just-Appointments enables you to take advantage of the most cost effective method to communicate with your customers – email – without the need for third-party software
  • Enables you to stay in touch with your customers, and get them to come in more often
  • As quick and easy as sending an email from your favorite email application
  • No more forgotten thank you’s or birthday greetings

How it works:

  1. Just type in an email as you normally would in any email program
  2. Set email sending preferences according to your needs
  3. Enjoy the simplicity and effectiveness of email marketing
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