Appointment Book

Appointment Book

Core features:

  • Online appointment booking for weeks ahead
  • Automatic appointment confirmation by email and text message reminders
  • Booking multiple services/customers in single step
  • Client waiting list, including client availability
  • Automatic prompting if a cancellation can be filled with a client on the waiting list
  • Employee schedules view
  • Convenient color coding for appointments
  • Individual booking styles per employee
  • Statistics for the number of clients and packages booked for a day

Why this is good for your business:
Appointment Book solves the time management puzzle, and helps your spa/salon serve as many clients as possible.

  • It keeps your spa/salon busy working with clients, for weeks ahead, and enables your employees to focus on work by automating all aspects of their time management.
  • It keeps your clients happy by letting them pick a convenient time online, or see for themselves if there is no convenient time available.
  • It keeps your employees happy by letting them manage their time the way they like it, while staying productive and enjoying a stress-free work environment.
  • It keeps you in control of the situation by letting you see the number of clients and packages booked for a day, along with individual employees’ schedules.

4 simple steps to book an appointment:

  1. Pick the desired time
  2. Enter the customer’s name
  3. Select one or multiple service packages
  4. View the booked appointment.

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